Visitor Parking

Visitors may park in any pay lot or student lot with a pay permit. Pay permits are $1 per hour for a maximum of 8 hours; (H lot you may only park 15 minutes and M lot you may only park for up to two hours maximum). Visitor lots are represented by a yellow P on the lot or structure sign. There are a total of 15 pay permit machines on campus. All pay machines accept VISA and MasterCard payments except H lot. These machines are located at: the Parking Information Booth, M, Q, R and W lots, Parking Structure 4 level 8, Parking Structure 5 levels 1 and 2 on the north side, and Parking Structure 6 levels 1 - 3. Visit the Parking Information Booth located at the Chemical Sciences Laboratory building if you have any questions. During non-business hours, direct inquiries to Public Safety Dispatch at 619-594-1991. Printable Campus Map

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