Convened by Jim Lackritz, Cathie Atkins, and Kathy La Master Tuesday, December 8, Faculty-Staff Club 11:30-12:50, Lunch, 1:00-1:50, Extended Discussion

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  • In this recording, facilitators summarize the 1st half of the table discussions.
  • In this recording, they summarize the 2nd half of the discussion.

Notes on Table Discussions


These essays represent very different views on the challenges of adapting curricula to changing realities. We invite you to comment on either or both as they relate to prospects for adaptive change at SDSU.
  • Reorganization at Arizona State University: Intellectual Transformation and Budgetary Savings Through Academic Reorganization, in Change Magazine July/August 2009 Read online or Download PDF
  • "Restructuring" the CSU or Wrecking It? an examination of the structural changes being made by the CSU administration, Fall 2009. "White paper" distributed by the California Faculty Association, December 1, 2009. Read online.
Discuss or comment on these essays.

Getting Ready for Part II: Listen to the Audio of Part I and/or Add Your Ideas to those that Emerged from Part I Work Groups

During the Provost's Lunch on Learning on Learning, (Listen ) , over 40 faculty, administrators and staff gathered to begin clarifying the challenges of curricular change at SDSU. In round tables, they discussed these 10 themes, and began formulating recommendations. To view them and to add more recommendations, click on each theme.

More on the Provost's Lunch

A rapid fire, no-nonsense discussion among a panel of knowledgeable campus leaders focused on typical problems that now face us, for example: combining courses, maintaining consistency across sections, addressing failure rates, dealing with on-line content and activities, streamlining curriculum review processes, and preserving the quality of learning. After the lunch, attendees met in five round table discussion to consider possible solutions and recommendations.

Listen to the panel discussion from November 18.

Sandra Cook, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
Carolyn Baber, Chair, Undergraduate Curriculum
Dan Finnegan, Chair, Academic Policy & Planning
Vinod Sasidharan, Chair, General Education
Cathy Atkins Associate Dean, Sciences
Kathy La Master, Associate Dean, Prof Studies & Fine Arts
Olita Harris, Associate Dean, Health & Human Services
Sanford Ehrlich, Director, Ctr for Entrepreneurial Management
Chris Frost, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies
Brock Allen, Co-Director, Center for Teaching & Learning