CDI Scaling Up Workshop

Workshop Schedule Nov 4 CDI Scaling Up Sche 1.pdf

Mapping Your Climb and Theirs: Media and web-based learning; learning outcomes and assessment. syllabus and course re-design.
Suzanne Aurilio, pICT Assistant Director
Kathy Williams, CTL Co-Director
Brock Allen, CTL Co-Director

Checking Your Altitude: Blackboard surveys, Quizzes and exams in large courses; overview of BB peer evaluation opportunities.

Jon Rizzo, Blackboard Administrator

Just Over the Ridge: Engaging Students Inside and Outside the Classroom
Mark Laumakis, ITS Faculty in Residence and Psychology Instructor

Kathy's resources:
A Portal to Media Literacy - Michael Wesch
Content questions
Process questions

Mark's Resources: Introductory E-mail.doc
Fall 2009 - 800 Intro Psych Syllabus.doc
Using Technology to Increase Engagement in Larger Courses.ppt

Library Guide to Finding Free Quality Videos Online

Concurrent Roundtables

1. Scoring Rubrics
Andrea Saltzman Martin
2. Grading: Item Design, Computer Scoring Efficiencies
Mark Laumakis
3. Blackboard and Online Assignments
Jon Rizzo
4. Web-based Media Assignments and Resources
Jim Julius
5. Learning Outcome Statements and Syllabus Design
Brock Allen
6. Engaging Classroom Activities for Large Courses
Kathy Williams, Suzanne Aurilio

Archive of August 18 Scaling Up Workshop