CDI Scaling Up Workshop

Workshop Schedule Aug 13 Schedule Scaling-Up.pdf

Mapping Your Climb and Theirs: Media and web-based learning; learning outcomes and assessment. syllabus and course re-design.
Jim Julius, ITS Associate Director
Brock Allen, CTL Co-Director

Checking Your Altitude: Blackboard surveys, Quizzes and exams in large courses; overview of BB peer evaluation opportunities.

J on Rizzo, Blackboard Administrator.

Just Over the Ridge: Engaging Students Inside and Outside the Classroom
Mark Laumakis, ITS Faculty in Residence and
José Preciado, Director, SDSU Common Experience

Jim's resources:
A Portal to Media Literacy - Michael Wesch
Content questions
Process questions

Mark's Resources: Introductory E-mail.doc
Fall 2009 - 800 Intro Psych Syllabus.doc
Using Technology to Increase Engagement in Larger Courses.ppt

Concurrent Roundtables

1. Syllabus Design, Course Projects
Brock Allen
2. Enhancing Learning with Web-Based Media
external image msword.png enhancing learning web-based media
Jim Julius
3. Web-based tools for evaluating work products
web-based tools for
Andrea Saltzman
4. Common Experience: The Ape & the Sushi Master
José Preciado
5. Clickers (Hands On)
Charles Hurley
6. How the Library Can Help You Scale Up
Connect @ SDSU Library: Scaling Up
Library Instructional Services for Faculty
Library Tech Tools

Pam Jackson, Carolyn Baber
7. Wimba Direct (real-time conferencing)
Voice Direct Basics.doc
Suzanne Aurilio
8. Writing On-Line
Jon Rizzo
9. Grading: Item design; Test Security and Efficiencies
Mark Laumakis