6 Tips for Delivering Online Presentations

Watch the demo approx 20mins. (Recommended)

Main Points

  1. Develop content that activates
    1. Focus on one big idea
    2. Move audience from a (uninformed) to b (informed)
    3. Plan via a storyboard for the presentation
  2. Modify slide to “be” you
    1. Build slides that compensate for lack of nonverbals in online presentations
    2. Use large fonts (at least 32-point)
    3. Consider the use of video and practice it first
    4. Present one big idea per slide
  3. Create a real presentation environment
    1. Post photos behind your computer screen
    2. Stand up during the presentation
  4. Lure and re-lure your audience
    1. Design presentation to recapture audience attention again and again
    2. Chunk content into smaller packets of content
    3. Use pauses
    4. Use humor
  5. Remove all distractions
    1. Consider the use of a moderator for online presentations
  6. Use good netiquette
    1. Eliminate potentially distracting noises (jewelry, cell phones, fans, etc.)
    2. Start on time
    3. Minimize use of side-bar comments during online presentations
    4. Distribute slides prior to presentation